Institutional Investors

Property Stake: Your gateway into tokenized property assets

Institutional investors can rely on Property Stake to understand, plan and realise the opportunities created by tokenized property ownership.

  • Broad Range of Property Assets
  • Diversification by Locations, Valuations & Property Types
  • Dedicated Trading Support
  • Attractive and Stable Returns
  • Complete Transparency in our Investments and Reporting
  • Expert Asset Management Team

“We’ve been in the property industry, building and managing multiple asset portfolios for institutional investors for over 15 years now. We believe wholeheartedly that the future of property investment lies in tokenized assets.

Our team’s experience in running both digital and property businesses means we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities available in this space for both retail and institutional investors.”

Steve Gilmour
Property Stake CEO

Dedicated to helping Institutional Investors reach their goals

We work with a diverse set of UK and international institutional clients including financial institutions, liquidity providers, asset managers, pension funds, corporates and private clients to develop solutions that meet their varied needs.

Investment Strategy
Our investment strategy has been developed to utilise intelligent property investments and our expertise in stabilising assets to deliver growth focused, tax efficient and diversified portfolio returns.

Property Deal Flow
Our deep rooted industry knowledge, contacts and expertise across all principal property investment sectors enables us to secure property investment opportunities in our home markets.

Future Ready
We understand and appreciate the power of leveraging technology to improve processes and user experience, our business model is centred on us being at the cutting edge of property investment. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your investment goals

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